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hi i'm dede.

i did the naughty or nice thing with supernatural characters

POSTED: 5:34 pm - Thu Dec 19
TAGGED: #spn  #supernatural  #crowley and dean are the only ones on the naughty list  #c'mon  #lucifer tries to cause the apocalypse and gets on the nice list  #but dean WHO HELPED STOPPED THE APOCALYPSE gets on the naughty list for swearing  #curse u SANTA CLAUS  #oh i forgot to tag it  #dumb stuff  


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hi i’m dede and i’m a 15 year old girl

this is a personal/humor/multifandom blog. if you want a good idea of what to expect on your dash if you follow me check out my tags on the links page. lots of text posts, tv shows, pokémon, animals, and musicians.


  • adventure time
  • being human (us)
  • doctor who
  • homestuck
  • orphan black
  • pokémon
  • steven universe
  • supernatural
  • torchwood
  • welcome to night vale


  • all time low
  • beartooth
  • billie piper
  • broadway
  • carly rae jepsen
  • chiodos
  • christina perri
  • chunk! no, captain chunk
  • cobra starship
  • crown the empire
  • destroy rebuild until god shows
  • fall out boy
  • get scared
  • ghost town
  • hands like houses
  • ice nine kills
  • i see stars
  • i the mighty
  • jamie’s elsewhere
  • katy perry
  • kesha
  • kelly clarkson
  • little mix
  • marianas trench
  • marina & the diamonds
  • maroon 5 
  • mika
  • our last night
  • palisades
  • panic! at the disco
  • paramore
  • pierce the veil
  • pixie lott
  • p!nk
  • a skylit drive
  • sienna skies
  • sleeping with sirens
  • tonight alive


  • percy jackson & the olympians (by rick riordan)
  • heroes of olympus (by rick riordan)
  • the kane chronicles (by rick riordan)
  • the hunger games trilogy (by suzanne collins)
  • warriors (by erin hunter) • the divergent trilogy (by veronica roth)

other things

  • i’m pansexual
  • i have a love for astrophysics
  • i play piano
  • i eat avocados pretty much everyday
  • here’s a list of video games i play
  • also u can check out my about me tag
  • skype is k1ngdedede, add me if you want to!!